Super Sun Solar

Super Sun Solar is one of India’s leading and most trusted solar power solutions company. With a wide range of affordable and value for money solar powered products in the portfolio, we can help you tap into the natural resources to get your job done efficiently and in a hassle-free way. From inverters to solar lanterns, batteries to solar LED bulbs and tube lights, we have got everything covered for your needs.

In having our solar powered products work for you, you can easily put an end to costly electricity bills. Our experience and research abilities have enabled us to harness the power of the sun to provide you with solutions that will power your applications. What’s more, our breakthrough technologies are sustainable and conveniently deliver results not just meeting your expectations but also surpassing them in every way possible. With very little investment and maintenance, you can have answers to all your problems. Just make sure to trust us and our quality products. We will not disappoint, for sure.

Priority of the company is the struggle for ecology

Time to harness wind, water & sun

We love clean energy, the Renewable energy

Our History

Super Sun Solar has had a humble beginning that can be traced back to 1975. Back then, ours was a small textile company. With the considerable progress made in this sector, the company slowly diversified its portfolio to foray into education. This was in the year 2002. The organization opened several schools by the name Gurukul during this while.

Further diversification of the group has taken place in recent years. In fact, in the last few years, we have also explored in other sectors like interior designing and furniture manufacturing. More recently, the company has also explored its chances in the solar sector.

With an intention of contributing to the solar industry and helping people tap into the solar energy, the company intends to open up two manufacturing plants. These plants are expected to be operational in 2019 in two different phases. While the 1st phase that will be inaugurated in January 2019 will have a capacity of manufacturing 100 MW panel, the 2nd phase that will ready for inauguration in December 2019 will have a capacity of manufacturing 150 MW panel. In all, these manufacturing units will produce a solar panel of 250 MW. Both these plants will come up in an area that is spread across 5 acres on NH-24 Highway.

Our Vision

To provide high-tech energy solutions and services to customers whilst making a considerable amount of contribution to society by constantly working towards reducing carbon footprints by channelizing and harnessing the power of solar energy.

Our Mission

It is our endeavor to change the paradigm of nature whilst tapping into the natural resources for developing technically-sound and state-of-the-art solar energy solutions and thereby challenge the energy crisis we are all staring at today. To enable our clients to find the value for money proposition with the help of our multi-disciplinary and highly skilled technical team in producing energy solutions that will reach one and all.


Super Sun Solar is ably led by an experienced, friendly, and competent team of experts that have spent decades in different sectors, including manufacturing and marketing. Our management team is open-minded and welcomes innovation and development that are so essential to making a difference in a sector that is forever changing its boundaries and empowering lives across the length and breadth of this great country.

Manufacturing Plants

We will have two state-of-the-art and technologically advanced manufacturing plants coming up in 2019. In fact, these plants will come up in an area that will be spread across 5 acres beside the NH-24 Highway. The first of these plants that will have a panel manufacturing capacity of 100 MW will be inaugurated in January 2019. The second plant that will have the manufacturing capacity of 150 MW will be inaugurated in December 2019. In total, these manufacturing units will have the capacity of producing 250 MW.  Both these plants will be dedicated to the production of solar panels and EPC of solar panels.


Being one of the fastest growing companies for producing and marketing a variety of solar energy based products; Super Sun Solar is committed to delivering highest quality products at competitive rates. Our manufacturing processes utilize industry-leading equipment and best quality components to guarantee you products that are of the highest grade. Furthermore, our quality workmanship ensures we are able to deliver on all our promises.

As a leading company that believes in harnessing the power of the sun for everyone’s benefit, we are committed to providing you with a variety of products that are all value for money. Currently, in our portfolio, we have inverters, batteries, water pumps, solar lanterns, solar street lights, and solar LED bulb and tube lights on offer. Besides these products, we also supply a variety of solar photovoltaic modules, including elecssol 36 cell series, elecssol 60 cell series, and elecssol 72 cell series. We intend to innovate further and come with more products in the near future.